[131126] FTISLAND Weibo Update:


중국에서 미치도록 처음들려줬는데어땠어? 중국프리고마웠어!!금방또가께!!!!기다리고있어!!!우리아가들ㅋㅋㅋ
Translation:  We sing Madly in China for the first time for you, how was it? China Pris, thank you!!!! We will return soon!!! Wait for us Our kids k k k


Translation: Ah and minhwan hyungnim … kkkkkk


Trans by: @farahcfox
Credit: @FtIslandWorld5


[131123] Seunghyun Weibo Update:


여러분 진짜 진짜 오랜만 이에여 다들 건강 하져? 대기실 에서 종훈 이형 과 연습 하는 모습 이에여 누가 더 멋 있나여 뒷모습 이지만 ~! ㅋ ㅋ 얼른 만나여 바이 바이

Translation:  Seunghyun: Everyone has been a long time since we met last time, are you Staying healthy? Hoonie hyung and I are practicing in the practice room, but you can only see the back, who do you think is more handsome? ㅋ ㅋ Let’s see each other soon, bye bye!



Trans by: @farahcfox
Credit: @FtIslandWorld5



터널 속 .. 너무 춥고 너무 많이 뛰어서 힘들었던 …. 어둡지 만 나름 느낌 있는 ..! 기대 해도 좋아요 🙂 이제 누군지 알 겠죠?Translation: In the tunnel .. i’m cold and tired of running for a long time …. Although it is night .. but it is full of feeling! Please wait for it 🙂 By now you should know who I am, right?


Trans by: @farahcfox
Credit: @FtIslandWorld5



안녕하세요 웨이 보는 정말 오랜만 이네요 ㅠ ㅠ 이번 FTISLAND 미치 도록 뮤비 에서 주연 을 맡은 멤버 입니다 저기 멋지게 걸어 오는 한남 자! 저는 과연 누구 일까요????
Translation: Hi, long time since the last time I came to Weibo, sob, sob. I am the member who played the main character of our new song Madly. The walk seemed so smooth from afar! Who am I exactly??


Trans by: @farahcfox
Credit: @FtIslandWorld5

[130516] Hongki WEIBO UPDATE :


중국아가들!!! 잘지내고있나???? 난 영화홍보 때문에 바빠!! 곧 개봉하니까 꼭 봐줘ㅎ 그럼 다시 중국 가는 날 까지 건강하고 이제 웨이보 자주 할게ㅜ 아직 어려움!! 아참 상해에 고미남 먼저 보내니까 신혜 많이 응원해줘ㅋ
Translation: China dearies!!! How have you been doing???? I’m busy because of the movie promotions!! It will be released soon so do watch it heh. Well then, take care till the day we go to China again and I’ll come on Weibo oftenㅜ It’s still difficult!! Oh yes, I’ve sent Go Minam over to Shanghai first so please give lots of support to Shinhye ke


Trans by: @farahcfox
Credit: FtislandWorld5