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[PHOTOS] Hong-Gi – Skull Props :


5번째 미니 앨범 ‘THE MOOD’의 타이틀 곡 ‘미치도록’ 컴백 무대를 위해,
이홍기씨가 특별한 소품을 준비했답니다!
‘스컬홍’의 매력 속으로, 고고!!
Lee Hong-Gi prepared special props for comeback stage of ‘Madly’, 5th mini album ‘THE MOOD’.


‘미치도록’ 첫방을 위해 특별히 준비한 해골 마이크!
Hong-Gi prepared hand bones mike for comeback stage!


해골과 손잡은 홍기씨의 독특한 마이크!
Hong-Gi’s hand bones mike holding his hand!


FT아일랜드 컴백 무대 모두 기대해주세요~!!
내일 MBCmusic ‘쇼! 챔피언’,
금요일 KBS ‘뮤직뱅크’, 본방사수 아시죠!?
You could see this special stage at MBCmusic ‘Show! Champion’ & KBS ‘Music Bank’!

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[131117] FTISLAND @ Line:

Madly, the title track of the fifth mini album FTISLAND will be announced today at 12 pm!
Besides the title song, the songs composed by Jonghoon, Hongki and Jaejin will be released, so please show much interest!
Pending the release of the songs, will hear the message of our fourth member! Who will be this time?Hi all, I’m Seunghyun of FTISLAND. We have now begun to use LINE, you will receive a lot of information here, show much interest! Thank you!

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[131115] FTISLAND FACEBOOK Update:


FTISLAND 5TH MINI ALBUM [THE MOOD] 미치도록 M/V의 남자주인공은 바로!!! FTISLAND의 리더 종훈 입니다! 이벤트에 참여해주신 여러분들께 감사드리며, 당첨자를 공개합니다! (당첨자: Tingting HoneyHong, 이선아) 이벤트에 당첨되신 분들께서는 ft@fncent.com으로 이름/연락처/주소/우편번호/페이스북이름을 보내주시기 바랍니다. 다가오는 FTISLAND 5TH MINI ALBUM 타이틀곡 미치도록 활동에도 많은 응원 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.

Translation: The main actor of FTISLAND 5THE MINI ALBUM [THE MOOD], ‘Madly’ is FTISLAND leader Jong Hoon. Thank you for joining the event, we will reveal the selected people below. Name: Tingting HoneyHong, 이선아 / Please send us your information (name, telephone #, address, postal code and facebook nickname) to ft@fncent.com We hope you love our upcoming FTISLAND 5TH MINI ALBUM title ‘Madly’. Thank you.


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[131115] FTISLAND @ Line:


Hongki: Ah ah, do you hear? FTISLAND now has a new account on LINE, now everyone has to switch to LINE, hee hee.
i’m now in the middle of shooting and I’m very sleepy .. I hope everyone has a great day!

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“Choi Jong Hoon will remain as the main character of the music video THE MOOD , which will also presented his skill at the piano.”

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Hi all, I am Minhwan of FTISLAND. FTISLAND is finally connected. From now on, everyone can hear the good news of us more often. Let’s play it.

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