[NEWS] Who’s Choi Minhwan of FTISLAND?


Countless people dream of becoming a star. But it is very difficult to find someone who was born to be one. Some people become a star by chance, while others give up before lifting their wings. There is no right answer to become a star. But the task requires an exceptional amount of effort and talent. Every week, 10 Asia goes to a rising star, who is yet to fully blossom.

It may seem malevolent call FTISLAND in a corner when just had its sixth anniversary concert. But e drummer FTISLAND, Choi Minhwan was born on November 11, 1992, and is now 22. He is still at an age where debut and has many talents to show. 
Onstage, he is the man among men. Offstage, is Mindoongee, Minari, magnae aegyo.Debuted at age 16, Choi Minhwan first drew attention with his baby face. Their adorable aegyos with moist pink lips and her cute habit of biting his lips, earning him the title of “Drummer Aegyo.” Your real aegyo and shyness are a plus.

While Lee Hong Ki took FTISLAND the public, Choi Minhwan was generally was seen in the back with an innocent and friendly smile. It is difficult for a drummer boast. You can not walk across the stage as a guitarist and a bassist. It is in a difficult place to sing.And in the Korean music programs that are alive, he faced criticism of play-back. But drummer Choi Minhwan is a veteran with a decade of experience since I started playing in sixth grade and joined a band in middle school. He is as friendly as his quiet smile. But when he grabs his sticks, nobody is more passionate. In SBS ‘Star King’ aired in March, we could see the battery performance to Minhwan against an 8 year old prodigy drummer.

Fifth FTISLAND mini album released on the 18th, you can hear the veteria of Minhwan on all songs. ‘The Way In To You,’ especially brings you the loud sound of the drum and guitar in the introduction. If the title of the song ‘Madly’es an acoustic piano sound and shows the string arrangements,’ The Way In To You, ” I Can not Have You ‘and’ Siren ‘is an exciting soundtrack. So when people come to the concert of FTISLAND, come to find the hidden charm of Choi Minhwan. At the concert, your heart moves with real skills drums and drumsticks turning.

# Strength: Writing Skills
Minhwan is revealing his musical influence for the release of self-written songs. In Japan, who co-wrote ‘Mirai’ ‘Yuki’ COMPASS ‘and’ Dream Sky. ‘ In FTISLAND, all five members write their own songs. Their new album is also full of their own tracks, except the title track.

# Weakness: a veteran of six years
He may only be 22 years old, but Choi Minhwan could be considered not fresh and see rejected because it has been 6 years since his debut. But the surprise of the picture Choi Minhwan could have a greater impact. Her innocent image contrast with a picture of Lee Hong Ki, also shows a charm.

# Power potecial: singing skills?

After going through puberty, Choi Minhwan ability now displays a polished edge.Because silence plays drums in the back of the stage, rarely sings. But when it does, it sounds as strong as Hongki. He also showed a talent for interpretation of quality as the main act in the musical ‘Gwanghamoon Yeonga’ and ‘Goong.’ . ‘Road Home’ (Minhwan and starred in 2009 in the drama of the KBS1 In the interview October with 10Asia, 10Asia, Minhwan said, “I’m a coward as a drummer, I’m always in the back of the stage I’m away from the audience , so I could handle it, because the other members standing in front of me, but I think I’ve overcome some of that fear take the stage alone. “Music showing courage. Minhwan is now a three, simply spread their wings.


Credit: 10Asia via https://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5


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