[131016] fncjapan TWITTER UPDATE :


【FTISLAND】 本日、Zepp Fukuoka公演が無事終了しました!久々の福岡でメンバーも嬉しかったようです。ご来場くださった皆様ありがとうございます!次は今ツアー唯一のホール公演となる静岡です。お楽しみに!!
Translation: 【FTISLAND】Zepp Fukuoka concert today has been completed successfully.The members seems happy after not been to Fukuoka for a long time! Thank you for those who came. Next will be in Shizuoka which will be the only hall concert on tour this time!!


Trans by: @farahcfox
Credit: @FtIslandWorld5


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