[131003] Hongki TWITTER UPDATE :


이번 zepp tour에는 우리회사 이제곧나올밴드 n flying이 opening stage 를 하니까 많이응원해줘요 참..난 처음에 회사에선배가없어 이런경험이없어 서러웠는데 그서러움이 이젠 동생들을 더챙기고싶어지네 우리꼭잘되자 화이팅진짜!!제발
Translation: At the zepp tour this time,a new band from our company n flying will do the opening stage,so please give lots of supports hm..because initially did not have a senior in the company so we do not have any experiences like this,I’m so sad.But the sadness that makes me want to take care of my brothers/sisters well now.Let’s do our best.Totally inspired!!For God’s sake

Trans by: @farahcfox
Credit: @FtIslandWorld5


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