[NEWS] Lee Hongki wants to launch their Japanese songs in Korea:


During the concert ‘FTHX’ in Seoul on the 29th, Hongki said there could be songs that some audience members are listening for the first time. That’s because the band re-wrote their songs Japanese in Korea and included them in the list of songs. “They have most of our color,” said Hong Ki.

At the concert, FT Island made 11 Japanese songs in Korea as “Top Secret,” “Freedom,” and “Time To.” It was the first time presenting them to the Korean fans.

“I want to write these songs in Korean and release. I want to throw in digital singles instead of CD and hopefully what the fans to enjoy. If you want to hear it, call the FNC, this could happen. ”

In the press conference before the concert, HongKi Said: FTISLAND in the majority, working on self composed songs in Japan. “So I wanted to show the Korean fans who sing these songs, It’s just change the language. We re-wrote the songs that form the beginning. You’ll find different standards of our songs. ”

After successfully completing his time in Korea, FT Island Zepp Tour started with concerts in Tokyo on 1 and 2 October.


Credit: Hankook Il Bo l DJ.Pri l @ChocopieK via https://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5


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