[INFO] Messages Translation of FTISLAND ‘Thanks To’:



JH: “Thanks to all who help us from behind the scenes. Thank you __ ”


HK: “Our members! Thank you for always trying hard, even when they are tired! We will work hard on our music! Please look at us! ”


JJ: “I will become a person by which they can feel proud, those who love and appreciate us who love and support us. De Jaejin. ”


MH: “As our promise to stay together until the end, we hope you stay with us. Thanks to all ~ ”


SH: Our dear and beloved pri ~ ~ ~ who I love!! Come along to death!! Thank you very much. Thank you!!


Jonghun to JaeJin:


I always say this to you but I want to say it again in the camera without you here. For Jaejin who always keep our balance, stay honest, intelligent and take care of yourself as it is today. I found the strength to see you, and may you remain the same. Hang out with my friends and enjoy the social life is important, but I hope you always remember where you started and keep going up. I appreciate you. annyeong!

Jaejin to Minhwan:

681I’ve known a long time all the members, has long been our practice together, and as a drummer and bassist, we often discuss and always together. And I think we understand each other the most. So I’m always grateful to you. And just like the drums are taking part 70% of the music, you are also very important to me. So take care of our team and to talk about this and that, I think you would be mature, a better person and a better drummer. I love you and let’s do our best.

Minhwan to Seunghyun:


I think I first met my best friend in my life. I always try to be a strength, but I also found a lot of strength from you. So, I hope you know that I am very grateful to you. May we always exciting when creating songs and always get along. Thank you.

Seunghyun to Hongki:


Hyung sometimes childlike but thank you always guiding us like a big brother should. As the oldest in FTISLAND, hyung has been through tough times with us. But thank you very much always protect us like a roof. We will always follow Hongki-hyung and Jonghun-hyung. So bear us. We will try to do our best to keep FTISLAND last long and make a great team. Thank you hyung always …

Hongki to Jonghun:


It has been about 7 years old we become FTISLAND, and approximately 8-9 years of our lives together … You’ve passed tough times. But this is not over. As a leader, you must be trouble but thank you and I’m proud of you guiding our members and secretly to support from behind. At first I think you’re just an ignorant child but I think now you’ve become a man. We all grew up together, of course. We often argue but we age, and we can understand each other. As our leader and guitarist FTISLAND, may you always showed to us the better side. Hwaiitng!

Credit: FT ISLAND ‘Thanks To’ MV l DJ.Pri l @chocopieK via https://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5


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