[NEWS] History of Lee Hongki ‘Memory’ & his promise for a # 1:



Hi, I’m Lee Hongki of FT Island

We are back again with the new song ‘Memory,’ and because many people are showing interest and love, every day is a blessed.
This album has a special meaning for us because it is our sixth anniversary album, and only includes songs were written by the members of FT Island. I want to share some stories about our new song ‘Memory.’

You can not see clearly, but this picture is from the lyrics of the song ‘Memory’. On the left is the song list for our next summer con ~ (I’m showing a blurred image because it is a secret. We decided on the song list after a long debate. But this is a clue. In our concert on 28 and 29, we play “Memory” and all the other new songs So this list of songs, at least has the four tracks …) I took this picture when we were filming ‘Memory – MV teaser LIVE.’ To the left is the list of songs, and right is the lyrics of ‘Memory’.

‘Memory’ is on a bye, but has a melody and style that I like. I decided on the subject first because I wanted to sing a powerful song with piano melodies. Maybe it’s because I made the song, but I feel special emotions when singing. I think it’s a touching and funny song because it starts slow, but then has an explosive climax. Before ‘Memory’, my self-written song favorite was ‘Black Chocolate,’ because it turned out exactly as I had imagined. But I think ‘Memory’ is pretty close.

Looking back, I remember the first time I wrote a song, listening to it with the members after finishing, and I was nervous to share it … but I can not forget the fans.

Thank you very much for liking the song after hearing it on the MV teaser. And if the song wins # 1, I will try to dance to it even though it is a sad song.

We have titled this album ‘THANKS TO.’ As we look back over the last six years since the debut, remind our fans and everyone who helped us and stayed with us. So even write a message of Thanksgiving to express gratitude. Although we have released countless albums, write a Thank You for the first time I felt very strange and yet special.

Apart from ‘Memory,’ the album THANKS TO ‘is another song I wrote. It’s called ‘Always with you.’ This is a song I made for the fans. I wanted to give it to our fans who are always waiting. So I wrote the letter as soon as I wrote the song. Maybe it’s because I have not much to say to our fans, but it was easy to write. The song sings about how I feel so please listen carefully!


The album features a total of 4 songs, including our leader Jonghun ‘Try Again’ and Jaejin ‘Falling Star’ , Tried to explain his songs in his name, Jonghun ‘Try Again’ strong rock song that shows a powerful soundtrack and deep guitar strokes. The lyrics express a strong will to overcome anything. From Jaejin, ‘Falling Star’ is a bright and hopeful song with rapid pace. I remember a childhood dream. So please listen much!


Finally the day 23, all tracks from our new album ‘THANKS TO’ are released. We are excited and nervous because we worked hard at it. Now let’s promote hard and we are on our 6th anniversary special concert ‘FTHX’ 28 and 29. Thank you.

Credit: Naver News l FNC Entertainment l DJ.Pri @tumblr.com l @ChocopieK via https://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5


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