[NEWS] Mnet Special: The brilliant comeback FTIsland:



In 2007, the title track of the debut album FTISLAND [Cheerful Sensibility] ‘Love Sick’ became an explosive hit. Since then launched a successful FTIsland after another including “After Love,” “Bad Woman, ‘I hope,’ ‘Love Love Love’, ‘Hello Hello,’ ‘Severely,’ and ‘I wish.’

His popularity goes beyond Korea and thus reaches almost every country in Asia. And through their 6 years of concert experiences throughout the world are now enjoying its status as a global band.

On September 23, FTIsland will release a self-titled album [THANKS TO] for the first time in Korea to celebrate its sixth anniversary. And to celebrate the occasion, we present a “Q & A with the Fans” to learn about the music and lives of the members.

We have selected the following questions of comments Korean and international fans of wall FTISLAND’s official website. Here are the answers.

[Choi Jonghun]

1. How do you listen to your favorite songs?
I mix the songs of my favorite artists.

2. How do you get to enjoy fishing?
always liked nature. One day, I had the opportunity to go fishing with my acting teacher. We had to talk a lot about life and I got to look my past. I got addicted to having time for me.

3. Where do you get the inspiration to write music?
do not I have a special occasion or a story. Normally when I enjoy some free time, my mind relaxes and I can easily come up with a melody or lyrics.

4. What is the biggest difference between now and six years ago?
I think I’ve grown in many ways. I know a lot more than I knew before and am open to more feelings than before. Sometimes it is a good thing but others, seems difficult.

5. What has been the happiest moment of FTISLAND Recently opened as a leader?
‘m always grateful and happy that FTISLAND members follow my example and so many people who help us along the way.

[Lee Hongki]

1. All songs on the new album are made by members and the headline for you. What will you promise to do if the song becomes # 1?
The title song ‘Memory’ is a sad story about a man who can not let go of his love. But try to dance while singing this song.

2. All members of FT Island are as safe! Please give me some advice on how to be more secure in myself.
Well, do not know if I can give any advice on this, but I like myself. I think I have to like it myself so I can please others! take care and love yourself is not a way to be safer? Fighting!

3. The title song is called ‘Memory.’ What are some of the happiest moments shared between FT ISLAND and fans?
‘ve enjoyed many of our events, but I’m especially happy when I meet fans at concerts and acted to them while enjoying music together.

4. What’s your favorite song among you wrote?
‘Black Chocolate’. I think it came closer to the way I wanted.

5. If the world ends, what would be your last wish?
want to enjoy a delicious meal with the people I love and spend our last moment together.

[Lee Jaejin]

1. You wrote ‘Falling Star’ for some occasion or influence?
While grew and worked for my future. Sometimes I worry away from my dream and get lost. So I want to share a message to those who feel the same way, and tell them not to lose hope and dreams. It’s a song for me too.

2. What was the most surprising moment in a concert?
Tears of the members! ㅠ ㅠ At a concert, Jonghun and Hongki wept because they were overwhelmed by being able to play live. I could really feel his sincerity and how grateful they were. It was very emotional.

3. When was the most significant moment in the last 6 years?
Every time we stand on the stage is very special and meaningful to me. Hopefully we can always act well together on stage.

4. Among the countries that have not visited so far, which one you want to go the most?
Spain and Brazil! I’ve never been and really want to go. I think they are very passionate countries and want to experience that energy for myself.

5. What is your favorite song from FTISLAND and why?
‘Meeting’ from our first album. I still love that song. The lyrics are wonderful and very sentimental feel Asian music. If ye have not heard it yet, I recommend it highly!

[Choi Minhwan]

1. Between singing in a musical and play drums in a concert, what puts you over the nerves and is hard?
really I can not compare. I think any scenario is to get on your nerves or hard. So always practice hard and try preparme myself as best as I can.

2. It’s been six years since the debut. What have been the most miserable and happy?
really have not had ugly moments. I’m happy to live with members as real brothers, act with them and travel with them.

3. How have you changed since 2007?
My personality has changed a lot. I think I’ve become less peaceful than before. But many people still calling me the quiet maknae. I think my daily routines have changed in many ways.

4. There are a fan or gift that you remember most?
always remember the fans who have encouraged us all these six years. As we grew up, they have grown with us. It is truly wonderous. So when I meet fans, I thank you once again.

5. There are some other instrument you want to learn to part of the battery?
Piano. Since I’m playing a rhythm instrument, I want to try one with which play melodies.

[Song Seung Hyun]

1. Thanks to FTISLAND, I met my boyfriend who is also Primadonna. FTISLAND What song is more romantic and adorable?
Mm … there are many but I would say ‘Please be my girlfriend.’ Junghun wrote and composed the song. It’s a very honest letter and would be a good song to sing to a girlfriend while playing an acoustic guitar.

2. If you were a girl, which member of FTISLAND think you’d like?
Minhwan! I think it would Minhwan. I am very close to him and really is very cute. Ha Ha Ha

3. Who is the friend who is more help and support?
Here is Minhwan too. Minhwan hear all my problems, and sincerely cares and think of me. I am so grateful. We spent much time together since we live together. Thank Minhwan!

4. What is your goal as a member of FT ISLAND and personally?
The best band in the world! haha I also want to be a star recognized musical or actor. After participating in ‘The Three Musketeers,’ and ‘Jack The Ripper,’ I love musicals. And if I have the chance, I want to be in a movie too.

5. What would you like to tell your Korean fans?
I love you! Our Korean album is coming out in about a year. Thank you very much for waiting and we’re very grateful to the Primadonna for supporting us even when we are abroad. Through our promotion of Korean album, we’re going to see us and eat ice cream! We take care of ‘Thanks To’ with the thanks I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

Credit: http://mnet.interest.me/special/6590 l djpri.tumblr.com viahttps://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5


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