[NEWS] Hongki & Mina’s Manual @ We Got Married Translation :


Hongki Manual

1) I am! A man who loves himself! Please love me more than I love myself.

2) I am a man who lacks understanding. Do not make me jealous!

3) Please do not feel shy in doing skinship me.

4) Let’s use skull necklaces!

5) I am not good at making things. Please do not ask me to do so.

6) HAIR! Please love me , my hair and everything.

7) Whenever you feel stressed and overwhelmed, leave everything, I will transfer the stress away from you.

8) When you say: “Why are you so nice?” For me, and I am a happy man!

9) I love playing jokes … please do not be surprised.

10) I have many friends, I love my friends. Should we meet together? Let complement.

Mina Manual

1) I like to read books. I would like you to read a book that I will recommend a week.

2) I am bad with directions and machines. When I’m lost and wandering around, please be my protector.

3) I’m not very daring with body contact. So make the first move. I especially like when they touch my hair.

4) However, I am a stronger woman than you think. I will protect you from bug.

5) I like things simple. Do not make me use fancy stuff.

6) I am a woman who does not have much experience with romantic things. Even if given the slightest attention, care and concern, I will be very touched.

7) I like a man without a beard. Please shave your face before you know me.

8) My kitchen knows no national boundary. Please think of it as global food.

9) There are times when I have difficulties to understand Korean, but pretend to understand. If you show me word for word, I learn quickly.

10) I am very suspicious of strangers, so I will not easily open my heart to others. Please open the doors of my heart one by one with a key.


Credit: http://hongkimina.wordpress.com/ l daramji-del team via https://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5


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