[NEWS] FTISLAND 11th Japanese Single “SHIAWATHEORY” #1 in Oricon Chart


Korean band, FTISLAND, has recently released their 11th single “SHIAWATHEORY” and on July 28, this single is ranked top Oricon Daily Chart CDs. Oricon Chart is a best music chart in Japan,the same as in the U.S. Billboard Chart.

The band received the highest award after they performed at Mezamashi Live Fuji TV in front of thousands of spectators,changing outdoor concert venue into a yellow sea. Their live performances also aired on Fuji TV and includes promoting their latest single, Shiawatheory (Theory of Happiness). Shiawatheory also used as the ending song from the famous anime “Toriko” for the film version.

The single was released on July 24, is also located in the top chart for the pre-order. Broad range of Mezamashi contribute to land them at #1 on the Oricon Chart at the same day.


Credit: https://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5
Trans by: @farahcfox


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