[130727] FTISLAND @ Interview with the magazine “Numero Tokyo”


What is your responsibility in FTISLAND?

Jonghoon: The leader. Hongki: The face. Jaejie: The bridge of communication for members. Minhwan: I’m unsure of it myself .. Seunghyun: Vitamin (bring joy, fun and energy)

In what area do not lose against the other members?

Jonghoon: Muscles Hongki: Vocals, charm, popularity and fashion sense. Jaejin: Being upright. Minhwan: During arm wrestling. Seunghyun: My height.

What can lift your mood instantly?

Jonghoon: Red wine. Hongki: Having free time for me. Minhwan: Fried chicken. Jaejin: Cute girls. Seunghyun: girls (laughs) XDD

Please tell us about your ideal girl and their views on love.

Jonghoon: A girl who knows the rules of social etiquette and can handle personal problems too. Hongki: I like a girl who is lovely and can make decisions with me. Jaejin: Someone with whom I can talk from time to time , let me rely. This is very important in a relationship. Minhwan: A girl has pretty eyes. I prefer a relationship where no pelemos and be very close to each other. Seunghyun: A pretty girl, lovely and peaceful. A relationship is the best ever.

What would you do if your girlfriend is depressed?

Hongki: skinship (comfort through physical contact) (^ ∇ ^) Jaejin: Take her to a place with a nice view, eat good food, a kiss ..


Credit: @ shimi_maki l Colourful247 via https://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5


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