[130725] Hongki Nail Regarding the Publication of Book Interview


FTISLAND Lee Hong Gi has a unique charm. He shines as himself, but his hands are also different from that of other male idols. Lee Hongki became interested in the art of nails in men three years ago, and is now the author of his own book of nail art.
audience Lee Hongki, Lee Hong Gi Nail Book in Korea and in Japan on July 22 and 10 000 books for the first edition sold out immediately. Currently have asked other publications. Lee Hong Gi Nail Book, where he works with artist Kim Soo-jung, is full of your individual style and love for art.

Could Fans catch glimses of his nails on Twitter from three years ago. As lead singer of the band, his hands were constantly photographed up close and from a certain point his nails began to change their original shape even more. When first revealed her nails into SNS, some netizens expressed their discomfort. Honggi But Lee did not care. Finally started the trend of nail art in men and expressed their individuality with pride.

I recently came across it on a rainy day somewhere in Cheongdam-dong. The first thing that caught my attention were his nails, which were pink and blue. It started with “I made these, not so long ago.”

“I wanted to break the prejudices about men who do manicure. And I wanted to share the know-how I did. That’s why I published this book. At first I thought, “Who will buy my book? “But seeing the responses makes me happy.”

Lee Hong Gi said he was “dragged” to write his first book of nail art. I was in a bad mood saying “Why does a man need to do the manicure?” But soon fell into the nail art charms and continued with it until it almost became a professional.
“It felt weird at first. When I showed some nail design at first, I refused. But then we were promoting “Hello Hello” at the time I went on stage with my nail designs I thought would be fine as a key element of decoration. I think I started in earnest after that. Now is an essential expression of my individuality. ”

The story of Lee Hong Gi to visit shops nail art is no different than that of women who went through the same experience. It seemed like a perfectly natural part of his life and his words seemed to understand the psychology of women altogether.

“Now my nails are made every day. Besides when I’m filming a drama or a movie almost always I have my nails done. I will also polish stores when I want to relax and talk. When you change the design on your nails, what I can say? is like buying new clothes? Only people who have tried it understand. ha ha. ”

Nail Art, Lee Hong Gi began in earnest three years ago is now the most popular male idol stars.
‘s trend of men becoming manicure seems to have reached the hands of other idol stars who are having comebacks recently. The “initiator” Lee HongHi happy with this phenomenon.

Lee Hong Gi is also the first in the world to invent nail rings. It is a ring-like attachment to prevent nail damage. The invention is characterized as himself, and is perfect as a fashion accessory.
“I have a lot of ideas on nail art. First, I thought about nail rings for music. When you’re on stage can damage nails sometimes, and I happened to nail rings evitarlo.hace thinking something for a year I was thinking “why not nail art neon lights come with?” when just in time, there were neon “.

Lee Hong Gi is not only interested in nail art for men, but also in the accessories. There are indications that could make a book soon on HongGi opinions on accessories, according to the book of nails.

“There are some things I want to do. I would add character to accessories. And it is interesting to nails and accessories go together. It’s a challenge, I take to share the things I have worked so far. ”




Credit: goodhmh@osen.co.kr via https://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5


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