[130531] Minhwan TWITTER UPDATE :


연습 이제끝났다ㅜ피곤한데 내일도 일찍이네…ㅎㅎFTの アリナツアー たのしみにしてください! そして7月17日から 21日まで おおさかでやるぼくのミュジカル ぐん!!も たくさんきてください^^ めっちゃがっこいすがたみせてあげる^^ おれにほれっちゃうと やばいいよ!
Translation: Just finished our practiceㅜEventhough tired but tomorrow also need to start by the morning…hehe Please look forward to FT’s arena tour! And also the musical “Goong” that I’ll be doing from 17 – 21 July in Osaka! Please come^^ I’m going to show you something great^^ You’re going to fall in love with me!

Trans by: @farahcfox
Credit: @FtislandWorld5


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