[INFO] (Interview) 130527 lee hongki: “music is me, acting is a life passage” :

Lee Hongki is a Korean acting idol, active both in music and acting.

His latest gig isn’t too surprising either. While his first movie ‘Passionate Goodbye’ is about to hit the theaters, he is also busy getting ready for concerts and a new album.

Hongki’s talents play a key role in his dynamic life. He is both an acknowledged singer and an actor.

“Music is me, and acting is a path to live someone else’s life,” he said.

“When I first debuted, the ratio between acting and music was 7:3. As a bad vocalist, I was getting plenty of attention. So other members got the chance to act before me. I was already acting at the time so I even wondered, ‘why not me?’ Then I started to value music more.”

“I even forgot about acting at one point,” Hongki continued.

“It was like that 6 months before filming the movie. At that time, the ratio between acting and music was 3:7. The ultimate ratio in my life is 5:5. I’m trying my best to meet that goal. It’s almost even nowadays. I want to do more acting and do more music.“

It’s not just acting and singing. He also appears in a number of variety programs because of his eloquence and wit. He currently stars in MBC Every1 ‘We Got Married Global Edition’ as a virtual couple with Fuji Mina.

“Mina is so nice,” said Hongki.

“I can’t be mean to her because she cries. I am nice but I can be really sarcastic too. Plus, I’m honest. For example, when she really likes something and asks my thought on it, I tell her how I really feel. I think she get hurt in times like that. I’m trying my best to be nice to her.”

But there is a twist.

“From shooting ‘We Got Married,’ I realized I want to marry late. I used to say I’m going to marry when I’m 28. But now, I think that’s too soon. I think I can get married much later. There are so many things I want to do.”

Another actress co-stars with Hongki. That’s Baek Jin Hee. The pair shows various acting in ‘Passionate Goodbye,’ including romance.

“I felt comfortable acting with Jin Hee,’ said Hongki.

“I tried to be friends with her to make acting easier. We talked a lot about how to shoot specific scenes. Jin Hee is a really good actress. It was nice to have a same-aged friend.”

Lee Hongki is dreaming of another dream as an actor. He wants to showcase a different side of him through an unexpected character.

“I want to play a role that’s opposite of me,” he said.

“I think there are many personalities within me. I want to try a role that’s different from what people expect. Maybe the class loser or the smartest kid in school? I look good in glasses.”

‘Passionate Goodbye’ is a movie overflowing Hongki’s first experiences. It’s about terminally ill patients and trouble making idol star’s final shot towards their dream.



Credit: My Daily via https://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5
Trans by: DJ.Pri@tumblr.com



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