[INFO] Hongki @ Golden Fishery Radio Star (MBC) :


Hongki revealed that there was once when he had some problems with FNC, thus he left his dorm very early in the morning. However, as he had nowhere to go, he ended up staying in a motel. As he was feeling lonely, he called his friend, Junhyung, to keep him company. Then the two of them decided to go to the beach and took a ride on the subway (they didn’t have the chance to ride on one for ages). In a playful mood, they bought matching couple scarves, took selca and uploaded it on Twitter. When they reached Wolmido, they decided to visit a fortune-teller.

As it was very accurate, Hongki can still remember what the fortune-teller had said even till now. Hongki was told that money would come fast for him. However, the money won’t stay with him for long, he would eventually spend it.

Whereas for Junhyung, money would come in steadily, and it will accumulate. True enough, he earned a lot due to royalty paid to him from song writing.


Credit: Lindy826 via https://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5


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