[INFO] FTISLAND TVfan Interview:


Q: Recently, the members have individual activities, will you think of FTISLAND while involving in these solo activities?

Seunghyun: Firstly, I am more responsible of my own actions, sometimes it is stressful, but the feeling is still great. The conclusion is, it is great to have different experiences.

Jaejin: Indeed, it feels lonely doing solo acts.

Minhwan: I enjoyed myself tremendously. I am always drumming at the back, but the things which I need to be mindful of during live and musical are totally different. During our concerts, I won’t mind if my hairstyle or facial expressions are not good enough, but acting in musical, these are the details which have to be taken care of. Also, I need to pay attention to my pronunciation and my facial expressions. All these differences make it very interesting.

Q: How do you feel when you see the younger members working so hard?

Jonghoon: I am very proud of them. Even when they are engaging in solo activities, they conducted themselves well and showed great respect to the seniors. So I am not worried about them at all. I just feel that it is very important to accomplish each task well. But in the end, it’s pointless to worry about them right?

262532_372306149556027_1185724411_n (1)

Credit: Colourful247 via https://www.facebook.com/ftislandworld5


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